My project was written up by the news papers in Chennai, India. / インド・マドラスの新聞に載りました!

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20070120_india_newsMy project (to build a bridge between the orphans in India and people in Japan through art: the orphan’s drawings were colored by the Japanese in Tokyo and were sent back to the orphans in India.) was written up by a News Paper in Chennai, India.

2005年11月、文化村で皆さんに色をつけていただいた「みんなの絵」の展覧会がインドで開催されることとなり、インドはマドラスの新聞に大きくとりあげられました。 展覧会のオープニングは25日インド在の日本総領事も出席されるそうです。


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Speech by Mr. Yoshiaki Kodaki,
Consul General at the Inauguration of exhibition of drawings at SOS Children’s Village of India on January 25, 2007

Mr.J.N. Kaul, President, SOS Children’s Villages of India- Chatnath Homes
Mrs. Uma Narayanan, Managing Trustee, SOS Children’s Villages of
India -Chatnath Homes
Staff Members of SOS Children’s Village
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mrs. Kodaki and I are very happy this evening to be able to visit the SOS Children’s Villages of India Chatnath Homes and celebrate the exhibition of drawings drawn by the children of SOS Children’s Villages and coloured by Japanese friends and children.
Both of us are being very much impressed with the idea of combining the work of Indian children with that of Japanese people to complete a piece of drawing. Through such joint work, the Indian children in SOS Children’s Villages must have got a feeling that they are united together with the Japanese people in bringing out a fusion of Indo-Japanese drawings.

I understand that Ms. Rima Fujita, a Japanese lady mainly has seeded and is the root cause for this exhibition. It is wonderful that she has been interested in connecting the children of SOS Village to the people in Japan in this way.
I want to highly commend her service for encouraging the children to draw and display the drawings in her own exhibition in Tokyo in November 2005 with an aim to strengthen the friendly relationship between the peoples of Japan and India.
I think even though she has done it in a small way, in the near future it will be growing like a big banyan tree where there will be many branches to support itself and bring a lot of benefits for other peoples too.
We are happy this evening to see the drawings drawn by the children which shows their skill, enthusiasm, and interest. I really appreciate their dedication and imagination in drawing and also would like to appreciate the friends and children in Japan for adding more zest and depth in coloring to the drawings drawn by the Indian children. .
This year India and Japan are celebrating Indo-Japan Friendship year in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Indo-Japan Cultural Exchange agreement. I hope that this exhibition rightly signifies the friendly relationship between India and Japan in line
with this celebration and further more will pave the way for strengthening our mutual understanding.

On this occasion I would like to express my profound respect and appreciation to the President, Managing Trustee, members of SOS Children’s Villages of India – Chatnath Homes for doing yeomen service to the children who are affected by diseases, catastrophic accidents, or destitution, and imparting them discipline, guidance, training and education and finally directing them to a bright career.

I am happy to know that a grant extended to the Children’s Village by my office through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Project in the 1991, has been successfully implemented and benefited many children as was initially expected.

Lastly, I would to thank Mrs. Uma Narayanan for involving me to be the chief guest and inaugurate the exhibition. I convey my warm and best wishes to the children of the SOS Village and want them to show their skill not only in drawings but also in other
activities and show a good example to many other underprivileged and destitute children.

I once again thank and appreciate Ms. Rima Fujita and her associates for strengthening the friendship between the children of Japan and India.

I sincerely wish the SOS Children’s Villages every success in the future.

Thank you.

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