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March 2011

Cover: The main charactersBooks for Children presents its new children's book, "Save the Himalaya," a heart warming tale of a Tibetan nomad family and a baby snow leopard in the Himalaya. This book educates children about the environmental crisis facing the Himalaya. Our goal is to donate a few thousand copies to 82 Tibetan refugee schools in exile by Losar 2012, and help Tibetan children learn about their homeland and how to best protect it.

Cover: The main characters

ClickWe will donate the books to those Tibetan refugee orphans and children at 82 refugee schools in exile.
I visited TCV in Leh, Ladakh in 2008

My three other books that I have donated in the past in a Tibetan refugee school in Ladakh.


"Save the Himalaya" Book details:

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