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A letter from a Young Tibetan Woman!


Wonder TalkI have received a letter from Tsering Lhamo, a young Tibetan woman who grew up at the TCV in Gopalpur, India and now lives in Belgium. This letter made me so happy and I want to share it with you:

Dear Rima,

On a fine winter day, I went to the school library. As I was passionately going through those book shelves, your wonderful “Wonder Talk” caught my eyes and I instantly loved it: especially those beautiful oil painted illustrations attracted me and gave me the willingness to read it. So I borrowed it and read it.

And I found that book very good for children of other nationalities to inform about Tibet and also that is easy to read and comprehend with those beautiful illustrations. Moreover, as far as I remember while reading that book myself in a corner of our home's dining hall, I was going back to Tibet in my thoughts and it reminded me of our beautiful natural Tibet.

And also I felt that the Japanese people must be very interested in Tibet and felt we have good supporters.

And then I read about you at the end of the book and said to myself, “Oh, she's living in New York.” At that time, New York was my dream place.

Tsering Lhamo

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