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I visited TCV in Leh, Ladakh!


With Mr. Pelay who is in charge of the library
My books at the library

I visited TCV in Leh, Ladakh where two thousand Tibetan refugee children live in 3,500 meter high altitude mountains. I was glad to hear that there are only 19 orphans here and that is much less than other schools.

I am crying out of joy (that the children love my books)
It seems that the children love my books!

In the library there were my books: Wonder Talk, Wonder Garden and TB Aware on the shelf. Several copies of my book, Wonder Talk, have lost its covers and gotten so old and torn. They must have read by children so many times. I burst into tears out of joy when I saw my worn-out books because I had never known if my books were enjoyed by the children. Mr. Pelay who is in charge of the library told me that the children love my books. I cannot tell you how happy I felt to hear this.

In class with children, TCV

When I visited the school clinic, the doctor recognized me right away and said, "Your book (TB Aware) is very useful. Thank you!" I could not wait to tell Rachel (the author of TB Aware) this wonderful feedback. Producing a children's book is not easy, but I swore to myself that I will make a new one soon.

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