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Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Lhakpa Tshoko, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East Asia
I thank and congratulate Rima Fujita for her wonderful artistic children books based on Tibetan tales. The stories in the books contain the essence of Buddhist teaching of love, compassion and harmony. Her books have greatly helped in introducing and spreading the Tibetan spirit of freedom, and their rich culture around the English-speaking world. Rima's fine and rich illustrations have received accolades from many corners. She is a good supporter of Tibetan cause, and I thank her on behalf of all the Tibetan for her dedicated support.
Lobsang Nyandak, Representative of H.H.The Dalai Lama to the Americas
Robert A. F. Thurman, President, Tibet House US
Jey Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Columbia University
Rima Fujita's "Books for Children" project is a labor of love, a creative and generous outpouring of Rima's compassion for all the world's children, especially those whose families suffer under various oppressions. Her books always bring out stories of amazing kindness and inspiring heroism, told with a flair and a sense of humor. On the 10th anniversary of the project - all congratulations to Rima!
Tsewang Yeshi, President of the Tibetan Children's Villages(TCV)
Tendor Dorjee, Executive Director,
Students for a Free Tibet, USA
On the 10th founding anniversary of Books for Children, I express my heartfelt gratitude to Rima Fujita for her artistic endeavors to preserve and promote Tibetan culture through her beautiful Tibetan language picture books. For Tibetan children, whose cultural identity is facing an existential threat under China's colonialist policies in Tibet, her books are a great tool for learning and preserving their own language.
Rinchen Dharlo , President
The Tibet Fund
Based on Tibet's rich culture, Rima has produced books for Tibetan refugee children in India, Nepal and Bhutan to help preserve their unique language and culture. Thanks to Rima for bringing out story books in Tibetan language using her most remarkable paintings and generously distributing them free of cost. It has been a pleasure working on these projects with Rima, more especially, knowing her. I wish success in her future humane projects including her upcoming book on teaching children about the Himalayan ecology.
Dawa Bhuti Ghoso, Canada
Education as a key empowerment tool for disadvantaged children in the world is captured by Books for children on Earth’s mission. Distributing books in children’s native/mother tongue is an ingenious and critically important task that needs more attention around the world. It is indisputable that language carries our cultural genes and the lack of books in mother tongues and the inexhaustible supply of those in dominant languages constitute a disparity in the world that many has not acknowledged yet. When I was growing up as a refugee child in the Tibetan Children’s Village School in India, our school library only had a very tiny section for Tibetan books. Almost 98% percent of the shelves were filled with English books, even though the medium of instruction in my school was in Tibetan until grade 6 then. Many other minority communities struggle with it as well. Books for children on Earth’s projects are much needed and highly appreciated.
“Thikpa Sakpey Gyamtso”
(Ocean, an accumulation of droplets of water)
I am sure Rima Fujita has thought of a similar expression as the Tibetan one above when she started “Books for children on Earth”. Even the smallest compassionate act produces impact more than one imagines. I am very happy to congratulate Books for children on Earth for its Tenth anniversary. My simple wish and prayer is for more books in more languages for more children.
Tashi Delek,
Dawa Bhuti Ghoso
Richard Collasse, President of CHANEL
"Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your "Books for Children Foundation" which through the poetry of your Art, magnificent drawings, moving stories and beautiful editing, helps the Tibetan refugee children in India, Nepal and Buthan dream about their holy Himalayan country."
Sharon Salzberg, Founder, Insight Meditation Society
"Books for Children provides a gift of illumination and joy to a world of Tibetan children living in exile from their own country. For 10 years it has beautifully fulfilled its mission of helping Tibetan children preserve their unique culture and language through books and education."
Sharon Gannon, Founder, Jivamukti Yoga Center
Rima is the most gifted artist I know. She paints universal spiritual landscapes of the heart.
Her paintings transport children as well as adults into an elevated space beyond time--where limitless potential exists.
Jocelyne Sgherri (France)
Dear Rima : It is a great honor for me to congratulate you about your wonderful and sensitive books for children. All my friends from France and Switzerland who are very passionate about TIBET and children wish to encourage your work for your organization, follow as you did during this last ten years.
Jamie Metzl
Executive Vice President, Asia Society
Rima is a wonderfully talented artist who has brought her joyous worldview and the Dalia Lama’s teachings of open-heartedness and compassion together to create a body of work that inspires and enlightens us all.
Sonam Zoksang, Photographer
I would like to congratulate Rima Fujita on the 10th anniversary commemoration of her Books for Children. My deepest appreciation goes to Rima for creating some incredibly beautiful children's books about Tibet and Tibetan Children. Also, many thanks to her for the generous distribution of free books to Tibetan children in India.
Darlene Markovich, Executive director of The Missing Peace Project
Books for Children is a gift from the heart - the place from which comes tenderness, kindness and love. For adults, Rima Fujita’s books are a dwelling place for those moments which have touched us with grace, and they are a meditation for peace. For the children and the child in each of us, they bring magical moments of peace and harmony which inspire our dreams.Thank you, Rima, for the joy you bring to the world.
Françoise Pommaret, PhD, Director of Research CNRS Paris and Advisor,
Royal University of Bhutan.
Books for Children has been in existence for 10 years and has been publishing beautiful artistic and educative works for the children of the Himalayas. It has also generously distributed the books. This is a great achievement of Rima Fujita and her dedicated team.. and I hope that the BFC will continue this work for many years to come. Happy Birthday & Trashidele !
Renee Frank, Cartier Archives (Paris, France)
Rima's books help to save the world just because they make the children dream. They bring peace to the heart and make you dance in a field of flowers.
I am very proud she takes me as her friend.
Karin Moser (Vienne, Austria)
Some years ago a wonderful friendship began, when I was introduced to Rima Fujita by mutual friend. Her kindness and eagerness to help the Tibetan refugee children has been intriguing to me ever since. 3 wonderful books were already published to educate children and to tell about an unique culture. Children all over the world should be able to read these books to open their hearts and teach understanding for different cultures. Rima´s contribution to a better world is remarkable and I wish her lots of energy and inspiration to keep up this great work - and for the rest of us - I wish for more Books for Childeren on Earth!
Ritu Birla, Professor of History and Postcolonial Studies, University of Toronto
Rima Fujita's visualizations move beyond just illustration.  Narratives in themselves, they are at once precisely crafted and fantastical, serene and ripe with energy, nourishing the imagination of child and adult.
Shamaila Khan, Clinical Psychology Fellow, Harvard Med School/CHA
I am sincerely honored to have been provided an opportunity to commemorate the accomplishments of my talented, generous and compassionate friend-Rima Fujita, on the 10th founding anniversary of Books for Children. The many children whose life she has touched due to her countless personal contributions are exhibitive of her essentially generous and loving nature. I am full of admiration, respect and fondness for Rima, whose life is laden with accomplishments, yet remains so modest in her demeanor and utterly humble about her achievements. Personally, the most striking aspects of her personality that I have experienced exude warmth, kindness, wisdom, and loyalty-the very admirable and essential traits that she promotes in her books for children. She gives her precious time and furnishes services for welfare of the children, instilling compassion, hope, and inspiration in these developing minds, consistently reinforcing the critical notion of unity over differences. Her gracious efforts ought to be commended, as this person, beautiful inside out, fulfills the altruistic mission set forth 10 years back. I applaud her noble undertaking, her tireless pursuit of a better life for our children and wish her continued success in this humanitarian endeavor.

Rima's Photo Message from Rima Fujita:

"You must do something for Tibet."
This commanding voice in my dream was the
beginning of Books for Children. In my twenties
I used to think that I would do something to contribute
to society when I became successful. However, I
realized that 'success' was not coming so easily, and
I thought that I should not wait. That voice I heard in a
dream gave me courage to create something, however small, that would make a difference for others.

I have been able to create three books and donate more
than 10,000 copies to the Tibetan refugee schools, hospitals
and monasteries in exile.

This is all because of you, my wonderful
supporters and friends around the world. Books for Children has
no base funds - it only functions with your warm support and donations.
I would like to thank you all again for your support to
my commitment to help the Tibetan children preserve their unique language and culture through books and arts.

Tibet is facing a serious crisis. Because of China's rapid economic development,
the Tibet issue has become more complicated and crushing for the Tibetans.
Until Tibet is free, until Tibetans can go back to their own country and until
the Dalai Lama will reside at the Potala Palace again, I am committed to do
whatever I can to help Tibetan children's education.

Rima Fujita

Photo ©Hiroko Baba / Copyright ©2002-2011 Books For Children On Earth. All Rights Reserved.